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 PMPC is the acronym for Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Convention. This convention occurs every ten years and it is a gathering is made up of laity, religious, priests and bishops from all the three dioceses in Peninsular Malaysia – Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, Diocese Of Penang and Diocese of Melaka-Johor. The main objective of PMPC is to bring together the People of god in a spirit of prayer, discussion and discernment for the good of the local church. It is here that the spirit of unity and collaboration is at work for the building up of the church in peninsular Malaysia. The very first PMPC was held in year 1986 and since then there have been two further gatherings of a similar nature – PMPC II(1996) and PMPC III (2006)

At all these convention, there are elements of review, discernment and planning of pastoral plans for the growth of the Church in Peninsular Malaysia. Even though each diocese is unique and different from each other, there are some plans and direction that are common to all, it is here that the church(laity, priests, bishops) share their lived and faith experiences and seek ways how to work together in collaboration with one other.

The PMPC is another forum in which the Church in Peninsular Malaysia seeks to bring together peoples from all walks of life for the purpose of helping one another moving the church forwards. Since each member of the church possess different talent, PMPC provides the opportunity for talent sharing and resource building.

This year (2-5 October 2016) will be PMPC IV and it will be the 40th anniversary since the renewal of the church in Peninsular Malaysia began In 1976 with the Aggiornamento (renewal). More than five hundred delegates are expected to attend this convention for the purpose of prayer, discernment , discussion and planning as we look forward to building the church in Peninsular Malaysia in the next ten years.

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