Chinese Apostolate mission is to reach out to the Chinese speaking parishioners who attend the Mandarin Masses.

Their mission consist of:

  • Witnessing and following in their traditional manner organising traditional cultural celebrations like Chinese Lunar New Year and Moon cake festival for the whole community.
  • To create opportunity to grow spiritually, culturally, socially to be a supportive community in time of need to uphold and spread the Catholic faith to others via RCIA
  • Help to coordinate Chinese masses with inspiring messages, hymns and be blessed together by the Word and Sacrament
  • To organize prayer meetings other forms of prayer activities at BEC level.
  • Organise enrichment programs and talks focused on children and youth ministry to be concerned about the growth and development of the youth and children of Catholic faith, and nurture discipleship thereby bringing all youths together in the parish.

Chairperson: Stephen Yong & Team