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Thanksgiving & Petitions To Our Lady Of Good Health



Thank you Mother Mary for the job .Love you Mother Mary.

Roseta Dsilva uk

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Dear Holy Mother of Good Health with your powerful intercession, please pray for my mother- let her medical report come back negative from serious illness. Please Mother hear my pray. AMEN

Julie malaysia

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Thank you mother Mary for the good health of my father.All his reports are normal.we praise you and thank you mother

Mary india

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Dear Our Lady of Good Health, please hekp me use my body so that it may go deeper into friendship with Jesus and the holy Trinity. Our Lady, also help Alexandra. Amen!

Hank sweden

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I'm thankful for my BIG family

Priya Selvaragu canada

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Petition my loving mother Mary of good health I ask your all powerful Intercession to grant me peace of mind grant me restoration to health of my painful arthritic knees my right hip help me to go off all my medication At this time my loving mother Mary of good health
Mile buicous my Mather maria

Mary ireland

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Dear Beloved Mother,

Bless our home, family member & safety of our country.
Pray for peace & thanksgiving
Please intercede our prayers to beloved Jesus our Saviour

Jess malaysia

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Thanks Amma for keeping my family and I safely and healthy. Please bless my husband, Eria Raja as his celebrates his 50th birthday this month.

Mr & Mrs EriaRaja and family malaysia

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Dear amma, We are seeking your blessings on our finance and keep us in good health, and protect our children and mother.

Mr & Mrs Dominic Samuel and family malaysia

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first of all i would like to thank you amma for your love and help towards my family.i love you and adore you so meand my husband to be more understanding and lovebly couples.i want to be happy with my family.we need to work more to get money to survive.bless us amma in our works and needs .bless my children and also my parents and and brothers and their family too.i love you amma .i want you to be with me always and forever.thanks amma

Mr&Mrs Mogan Nancy malaysia

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thank you amma for the blessing of child after 6 years of marriage . For nothing is impossible with God 

mr&mrs Thomas malaysia

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Holy Mother
Please watch over mummy and pray for her. Calm her fears and strengthen her faith in this trying times.

Watch over us her family and pray for us too that we are able to give her the care and comfort with all our love and affection as is our duty, just as she has devoted all for us.


Susan malaysia

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Mother Mary

Thank you for all great blessings and guiding us to your son Jesus Christ.Thank you for praying for all our needs especially for those whom I have promised to pray.Thank you Mother Mary, the mother of our God.

Regina Cham

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Dear Mother, I thank you for all the blessings you have showered upon me. For keeping me strong during my challenging moments.I thank you for my family.Most importantly I thank you for blessing me with a companion when I prayed & asked that you show me the purpose & meaning of my life.Thank you for Joseph. Please continue to bless & guide us in our life journey together. Amen

Isabelle Joseph malaysia 

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Thank you Mother for watching over me & keeping me safe.Thank you for surrounding me with people who loves and cares for me.Thank you for answering my prayer on 1st January 2013 when I asked for your guidance to bless me with a companion; someone who I can love & care for. Thank you for Joseph. Please keep him well & good. Please guide us through your plan for a beautiful & happy life together as long as we can. Your loving child.

Isabelle Joseph malaysia

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O most Holy Mother Thank You so much for all your powerful intercessions for my family and all our needs. Thank You Mother for the sucsess of my operation and helping me to get better day by day. Please Mother continue praying for me and be with me as I go for my 1st year checkup and I pray that there will not be anything wrong in my body, to serve God and neighbour.Thank You Mother for all your love. I love you mother Amen.

Margaret Spencer  malaysia

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Holy Mother Mary,we Honor You,And Thank You the Way you Gave Up your Whole Life to Love and Serve People and Submitted Yourself to GOD Completely..Teach us to do the Same*** Thank you Very Much ..Mother Mary AMEN !!

Dato'JasuDass & Family malaysia

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Mother of our Lord and our Mother also,Allow me to praise you, O Virgin Most Pure In you alone has God been adored.
The Lord choose you and favoured you above all his saints and faithful people.Because of your COURAGE and because you said YES we have a saviour. HE who washed away our sins and granted us eternal life through his crucifixion and resurrection.You are worthy to be praised Mother!I just want to thank you Blessed Mother from the bottom of my heart and soul for helping me and my family in difficult times, for praying for us and for your intercession for my loved ones.Continue to pray and intercede for all of us to your son our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.May the Lord grant HIS graces, love and peace to all his people on earth.AMEN!

Josephine Raymond malaysia

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Thank you Mum and I love you so much. You have always been there for me in good and bad times. Words can't express my thanks to you but I can say, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Please continue to pray for all my beloved parishioners both sides SHC & OLGH, my brothers in the priesthood, religious, my love ones, for Malaysia, the world and not forgetting to whisper a little prayer for your humble son, ME. I thank you and I love you so much. 

Christopher W.Soosaipillia malaysia

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Dear Mother, I lift up to you all the children in the world.Those robbed of their innocence,abused and killed.Please hold them close to your heart. Please Mother, be with all who are lonely and need your loving touch.Let them know YOU ARE THERE FOR THEM. Thank you and LOVE YOU SOO MUCH.

MARY ANNE malaysia

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Dear Mother,

Please protect my fellow brothers and sisters in Iraq. If need calls,please remember these words of Jesus and
help it to be fulfilled

"Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you
because of Me. Rejoice and be glad,for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted
the prophets who were before you."

Ashton Anthony malaysia

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dear mother .please pray peace and unity in my family..thank you ma..with love

Regina Augustin malaysia

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Ma, i pray for those who are looking for a job,bless them with a job as soon as possible to ease their burdens
in life. Ma,please pray for us and have mercy on us.

Mary malaysia

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Ma, where shall we go when our hearts in sorrow and pain if not to you Ma..Mother knows best...Listen to our
plea and intercede for you Ma

irene malaysia

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Dear Amma,

Please bless our country Malaysia. Love you

Simon Anthony Raj malaysia

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