Make A Difference; Influencing And Impacting The Lives Of Others

Kuala Lumpur:– The Universal Church celebrated the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord into heaven on May 14. All Churches in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur held Masses and most saw a good turnout.

At the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fr Clarance Devadass who celebrated the evening Mass said God’s saving plan of saving humanity, when Jesus died and rose from the death He took away all our sins and by His extension He call us to live that redeemed life that Jesus obtained for us by His passion, death and resurrection.


Today is of great rejoicing because by His ascension of Jesus Christ, we have been redeemed and now we know that He is at the right of the Father. As Jesus was leading His disciples in the midst of uncertainty and anxiety, sadness, Jesus uttered great and profound words to His disciples..”Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News..” In Matthews,.. go and make disciples of the Good News…; one can conclude. The disciples were faithful to Him. The disciples were so filled with the Spirit of God and want to bring the Good News (Season of Easter we have been listening to the Acts of the Apostles),their faith never weaver, despite of great hardship and physical challenges.

Fr Clarance added that for us today, Jesus said to us the same words…what it meant for us?…”go and make disciples of the Good News”. For many people, it means going out to make people believers of Jesus Christ. Fr Clarance said to make disciples is more than that- it is about making a difference in this world, it is about influencing the lives of others,it about impacting the lives of others in a way they themselves will come to discover the Person of Jesus Christ.

The disciples asked Jesus ..where do You live? Jesus simply said to them,’come and see’..not ‘come and listen’..because He was going to influence them in a profound way. The disciples the same, their lives somehow impacted the lives of people around them and attracted people to the life of the Early Church. Peter and Paul were great preachers, but what captivated the people- more than their preaching but more of their lives caught the attention of the people around them. Their lives were some how different than the others, people pay attention to them.

So we asked ourselves.How can we make disciples and bring the Good News of Jesus to others and influence in a positive way the lives of the other person? Whether in our workplace, home or community, in our family. Am I an influence positive disciple?. It is only when we learn to live to love, when we show kindness, forgiveness, love,compassion and gentleness..the list goes on and on..that’s how we make disciples that is when we share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus has made a different in our lives, that Good News has made us new. So we live that Good News and go forth sharing Christ to others.

The message we can take home today said Fr Clarance is that Jesus tell us go out to wherever you are and bring the Good News, the good news of love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and gentleness – not by our preaching but by our way of our living and spread the Good News. Are we afraid, is the challenge great?.It is, but Jesus said ‘I will be with you to the end of times’. God will give us His strength, He give us His Advocate so that we can be makers of disciples because our lives have been changed and transformed by the Person of Jesus, whom we celebrate at the Eucharist.