Medical Fund Launched At Sacred Heart Church

KUALA LUMPUR:-Fr Christopher W. Soosaipillai together with Fr Clarence Devadass launched a medical fund, officially known as the “Fr Christopher Medical Fund”, on May 24, after celebrating the Community Thanksgiving Mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Both the priests were presented with a mock cheque, being the very first donation received from a generous donor, amounting to RM10,000.00 to kick start the medical fund.

The main aim of setting up this medical fund by the parish Society of St Vincent De Paul (SSVP) under the Parish Integral Human Development (PIHD) Ministry is to assist the poor parishioners, especially the migrants and refugees in the event of emergency medical needs.

The parish SSVP members and volunteers will seek monies for the medical fund to be raised through donations and also through canvassing in the Church compound on an appointed day for each month, subject to approval and decision by the incoming new parish priest.

The Medical Fund named after Fr Christopher, as acknowledgement for his steadfast shepherdship to the parishioners here and in Kampung Pandan, during his tunure as their parish priest. Both priests will be leaving the parish at the end of May. The parishioners also gave a ‘Farewell’ sendoff to both the priests. Lunch were served to all present.

According to S. Perry of SSVP, the funds will be managed by a team of parishioners, preferably with medical background together with PIHD. Application forms for this Medical Fund will be made available to parishioners once the administration team is formed and guidelines established.