Be Witnesses Of Unity And Peace

Kuala Lumpur:-It was a memorable day for 55 young Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on May 30, on the Solemnity of the Most Blessed Trinity. Stunningly dressed in white attire, this day is important to the Confirmands as they become mature Catholics in the faith.

The Sunset Mass was presided by His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow and con-celebrated by Fr Christopher W. Soosaipillai.

In his homily, the prelate while addressing to all, especially our Confirmands said will you hesitate to bow down before God? Like at the time of Jesus, they knew Him but some hesitated to bow down. Archbishop Leow was making reference to the Gospel. “Which one are you? When we face life challenges, will you not hesitate to leave God or seek so-called healing at different places; or do we remain faithful to Jesus?”.

Today we celebrate Trinity Sunday, a special feast day. The prelate asked again What does this feast meant to us? God is a Community of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A Community of three Persons, but One God. How do we explain this doctrine of this Trinity? He said it is a mystery but God is One. Quoting from today’s Gospel and 2nd Reading, it tells us there is Abba Father, Son Christ and Spirit that bears united witness. A challenged for us,every baptized must give witness to this unity and be one in faith, baptism and One Lord. And today to be witnesses of this unity in the Church.

Archbishop Leow posed yet another question to the Confirmands “Do you know how to explain your faith to others? Make it short and precise to share this faith in Christ and why you are a Catholic.

Noted that the Gospel message called us to go and baptize in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”And to teach them all to observed all the commands I (Jesus) gave you and I (Jesus) will be with you till the end of time”. The prelate emphasized that God is with us till the very end. This promise that Jesus gave us to be with us forever. That’s why the Catholic Church has been in existence past 2,000 years and is growing.

Looking at the Confirmands, the prelate asked them ..’Are you ready to be confirmed?’. Today you will confirm, this faith tell everyone of us here that you believe in the faith- the twelve Articles of Faith and be soilders of the Church and defend the Church till your last drop of blood.

While asking parents and godparents to pray that the Confirmands will not fail to bear witness for Christ in their lives to others, the prelate hope they be true disciples of Christ in the world.

Archbishop Leow administered the sacrament, with anointing with Chrism, on to the forehead of the Confirmands to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit;after they having professed the faith and after the ‘laying of hands’ prayer by the prelate and Fr Chris.

At the end of the celebration, Fr Chris expressed his appreciation to the prelate, his first Mass here since becoming the 4th Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur and to the Confirmands and hope they will find the lost, the least, the little and the last and will not hesitate to go and reach out. The diocesan priest also hope they will continue to become the hope and blessing to others. Fr Chris also thanked their parents, the catechists and godparents who came to witness the sacrament.

Archbishop Leow thanked Fr Chris and told the assembly to build up the Community of faith here and continue to be true witnesses of unity and peace, uniting all of us.

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