Bring God’s Love & Mercy In Our Lives To Others

Kuala Lumpur:-“No greater love for His friends, that He laid down His life. Heart of God that wants to bring us to His own bosom, to give us love and blessing to each one of us”. Fr Lawrence Andrew SJ said this on June 20 during the parish feast celebrations of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that was celebrated from June 18 to 21 at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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Touching on the sub-theme “God is Love & Compassion“, Fr Lawrence said John tells us a soldier pierced His side and immediately blood and water came out. Not to miss this detail, a great significant for us. Our Church teaches us this symbolizing us in the sacraments of Eucharist and Baptism. Jesus has a heart, Church has a heart, flowing into our hearts, as well full of love and compassion flow from His heart to all of us. We are celebrating that love of Jesus, no greater love than to lay down His live for us.

Recognizing this love and compassion of God in our loves, urged Fr Lawrence; citing the Church was born from the pierced side of Jesus’ flows love and compassion. We must reach out to all humankind, to believers and far away; to bring hope to each one of us; that we can become closer to God. We need a conversion and a change of attitude.

The Jesuit priest also prayed that the heart of Jesus came to us, to love God more dearly and others more attentively.

“Having received mercy, we are now to show God’s mercy and love in our lives to others; refused to judge and condemn others; but rather to be compassion and express God’s forgiveness to all, consolation to the poor, and justice to the oppressed”.

Fr Lawrence added that today world is broken ; look at Malaysia no trust in leadership. Pope Francis challenges world leaders to bring healing to others, to be bold and strong in leadership. “Let us bring God’s love and compassion to all. God love is for all of us. He cares for us and gave His Son for us”.

After Mass, there was a procession around the Church. Fr Lawrence led holding the monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament, followed with Parish Priest Fr Edwin Paul and the 1,200 strong assembly ,as they prayed the Rosary.

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The procession ended back into the Church for Benediction. Fellowship dinner was later held for all in the Church grounds.

Fr Edwin in his speech thanked all those who came from other parishes and all celebrants who preached during this year parish feast. He also said that Fr Lawrence will be the Administrator of the parish from July till Nov 2015, as he goes for his sabbatical leave. Fr Edwin also expressed his gratitude to all who are involved in the feastday preparations. “All of you have have a place in Christ’s heart”.

On June 18, Fr Gregory Chan from Kajang preached on the sub-theme “God’s Word is Love”. Fr Greg message is that the Word of God must be in our hearts and as it is love, it must be translated into love for others.
God’s Word not only kept or observed by us; but what we say must also be done the same. Our words and actions must be parallel. Bring and share the Word of God with others and His love too.

Whereas on June 19, Fr Andrew Kooi from Seremban preached on the sub-theme “God’s Love Heals”. In his homily, Fr Kooi asked the assembly: “Are we looking for what is temporary or eternal life?. Are our material riches going to help us? We need to store up treasures in heaven and not on earth. Where your treasures are so will your heart be.

God love heals, thus focus on what is permanent and not just what is temporarily in life; Fr Kooi asked the assembly to let God heal us, so that we can focus more on what is eternal, towards heaven. “May God heal us of our pains, hurts and brokenness in life, and to guide us towards Him, towards eternal life”.

In the morning of June 19, there was Mass with the Anointing of Sick. Some 200 registered for the anointing,including some non-Catholics. Fr Christopher W. Soosaipillai from Setapak was the main celebrant, with Fr Edwin as con-celebrant. Many others too came to pray specially for those who are sick or ill.

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