Parishioners Donate Blood To Save Lives

Kuala Lumpur- Catholics at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Jalan Peel have been generous in their charity quest all these years, be it raising funds for the poor or homeless, chipping in food and gifts for the migrants and marginalized in society or donating a pint of their blood for a good cause.

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The annual blood donation campaign this year on July 12, saw a total of 68 parishioners coming forward to donate their blood. Held in Dewan Louis Guittat of the parish Bangunan Dominic Vendargon, the half day event eventually saw 51 having their blood accepted by the Blood Bank of KL Hospital. Seventeen others were not permitted to donate their blood due to a variety of reasons.

The Blood Donation campaign was organized by the parish Society of St Vincent De Paul (SVP) under the PIHD Ministry. Parish priest Fr Edwin Paul was present and he was pleased to note of his parishioners coming forward to donate their blood to save lives; especially during Ramadan to replenished the shortage of blood that are acute during this period.

S Perry of SVP also commended the parishioners who had turned up to donate their blood, as it was a noble act to do and a good effort by the giver.

Also for this year, there was also a Bone Health check, sponsored by Anlene. Some 230 parishioners were also in the hall to have their bone examined by several experts from Anlene. Advice were given.

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Christians have been known to donate their blood and for those able to do so, it is a very benevolence way to help someone else irrespective of race or religion. It is also a Christian duty for those who can donate to do so to help those in need.