Be Like Mary In Wanting To Do The Will Of God

KAMPUNG PANDAN:Hundreds of Catholics converged at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health (OLGH) here on September 4 (Day 1), despite of heavy rain, to begin the nine Day Novena in honour of Our Lady of Good Health. The Hosting of flag was however delayed to after Mass. The theme was .

Fr Francis Xavier Selvarajoo from Teluk Intan, Perak was the presider, with OLGH Chapel Administrator, Fr Lawrence Andrew SJ as con-celebrant.

Fr Francis in his homily first welcome all and said we come together to begin pilgrimage journey of walk of faith as parishioners to make the nine day journey, focus on Jesus; and someone to pray for us, non other than Mary , someone to imitate, not just asking for physical healing but the heart is important. To have a good heart, pure heart to do good to others. ‘By this I witness to Jesus’.

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The diocesan priest said he see the rain as sent by God to cleanse us, the society, the nation; need to be clean what’s not holy that cannot experience the love of God, we must remove all. Apparently Fr Francis said natural manifestation that the rain stopped the moment Mass began. Though we are all sinners, but are redeemed sinners who have received redemption from Jesus. Our Mother Mary wants us to have good health, not just physically but also spiritually.

Quoting from the Gospel passage about the new wine in new wine-skin, Fr Francis said it cannot be kept in old wine-skin; we need to change, to discard our old selves (of sin) and be like Mary in wanting to do the will of God. “Cleanse our hearts or actions of sin and pride. God cannot make mistake. He choose Mary to give birth to Jesus. We need to change, transform our lives and selves, respecting God, ourselves and love one another”, Fr Francis concluded.

After Mass, all adjourned to the entrance of the Chapel, where both Fr Francis and Fr Lawrence hoisted the flag in honour of Our Lady, marking the start of the chapel’s feastday celebrations that will run till September 13.

Witnessed by the faithful, as all prayed a Hail Mary. Beforehand, Fr Francis said a prayer and blessed the flag with Holy Water, before it was raised up on the flag pole.

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