Like Mary, We Are All Called To Be Instruments Of God

Kampung Pandan:– The on going feast of Our Lady of Good Health continues with Day 5: September 8 the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Both the morning and evening Masses saw a good crowd turnout.

At the evening Mass, with the theme ‘Making Space For Others’, Fr Ryan Innas Muthu from Johor presided with Fr Joseph Pereira who is the Chancellor and Fr Lawrence Andrew SJ con-celebrated the Mass.

Fr Rayan in his welcoming remark to the assembly present,thanked God for giving Mary to be our Mother and Mother of the Church, as we celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary today.

In his homily in both English and Tamil, Fr Ryan said Mary with her faith, trust in God and her ‘Yes’ to Him…’Thy will be done’. “Mary became the Mother of Jesus and offered her Son to the world, for joy,hope and new life”.

Mary apparitions in several countries, was to allow people to come closer to Christ. Mary as an instrument to use for us to be closer to God, to grow our faith in Jesus. At the wedding feast in Cana, Mary said ‘Do whatever He tells you’. The disciples heard the call of Mary and do what Jesus tells them. Fr Ryan said as for us today, ‘Do whatever He tells you’. Mary was called to be an instrument of God. We are all called and chosen people. To do likewise as instruments of God- to have heartfelt compassion in humility and clothed in love. “If you want to be instruments of God, like St Paul who told the people of Corinthians, we need to be clothed with compassion and people will experience the love of God, by and through you.

Fr Ryan added that we will become what we eat. The same if you receive Christ in Communion daily, you will be in peace and share His love and mercy to others. Be like Mary who said Yes to God and is clothed in love, peace and compassion. ‘Be instruments of God like Mary to bring love, joy, peace in our lives to others. We are called to be His instruments in the mission. Pray for perseverance in our vocations’.

The diocesan priest said your parents, godparents, faith educators, priests given you space to grow on love and someway or the other journeyed with you, given you space for you to know, touched you to bring Christ to you and to encounter God’s love. Thank God for them.

After Mass, Fr Lawrence commanded all those involved in today’s liturgy in making the celebration of Mary’s Nativity meaningful and beautiful. Fr Ryan also wished all a Happy Feast Day.

Fr Lawrence also informed the assembly that today, September 8, Herald Malaysia has turned 21 years-old. The Catholic Weekly tabloid paper was launched by the then Archbishop Anthony Soter Fernandez in Cathedral of St John on September 8, 1994, with the first issue printed.

As it was the birthday of Mary, a homemade cake was brought to the main entrance of the Chapel, that was earlier offered up in the Presentation of the Gifts, to be cut by both Fr Ryan and Fr Lawrence.The choir sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to our Blessed Mother.

The cake was later shared among the assembly at the dinner fellowship, held in the Chapel’s grounds.

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