Transform To Build Bridges With Our Neighbours

KAMPUNG PANDAN: “Everyone we meet in our midst is our neighbour”, said Fr Christopher W Soosaipillai, on September 10, at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health, during the homily preached in both English and Tamil.

Fr Chris the parish priest of the Church of Good Shepherd in Setapak touched on the theme “Befriending Our Neighbours”.He said he come here to share life and

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friendship with you is a blessing. “See how we can have this relationship with each other. All came here, see each other and enhance relationship with each other. Neighbours to each other can be people who stay in your home, next door and people we meet daily”. Quoting the Gospel passage of the Good Samaritan man who is my neighbour. Have the dignity of God and be a blessing to others, our neighbours.

Fr Chris said if you say you love God, but do evil, then it is wrong.”To love is to become good and holy; yet don’t judge people negative. Turn that negative into prayer. If they have God inside them, they will not do evil. Become the strength of love to one another”, Fr Chris inserted.

Quoting an example when going for the forthcoming procession on Sept 12 around the vicinity of the Chapel, Fr Chris said we not only pray and ask God to bless us but also for our neighbours. Is that not joy, is that not life?. So that peace comes. If you want to love neighbour, let go of all negativity in our lives. Once we stop, blessing and life comes from God.Build the relationship with one another- neighbour and sundry.

God wants to shine through you and me. In our midst of struggles, take away all negativity, so that we can shine the love of God that is inside us to others and neighbours. Be a light to the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists living around the Chapel areas. If we have hurt any of our neighbours, seek forgiveness and reach out God’s blessing through our Mother Mary. Shunned the negativity and bring peace to your family, your neighbours and reach out in your BEC,your neighbourhood. Bring that healing. Greet your neighbours or smile at them, reach out to them. Build bridges with our neighbours, transforming our society, so that peace, understanding and harmony prevail.

After Mass, both Fr Chris and Fr Lawrence greeted the parishioners at the main entrance. Many also stay back for the fellowship.