God Gave Us Guardian Angels To Protect And Brings Us Safety

KUALA LUMPUR; Fr Lawrence Andrew SJ celebrated the evening Mass on October 2, 2015,being the First Friday and Holy Hour Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur.

In his remarks at the beginning of Mass, the SHC Parish Administrator exclaimed, that we have come to celebrate the First Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the love of God in us, to seek God’s love and mercy for us. Approximately 160 parishioners were present.

In his homily, Fr Lawrence, to observe the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels fell on the same day, he said it is important to know about our guardian angels and to seek their protection. Not just in Church teaching, but in reality and truth that God gave His angels to guide and lead us. The Jesuit priest said it is so beautiful that they (the angels) bring’s us safety and care.


Fr Lawrence took the quote from the First Reading (Exodus 23:20-23) that as you go, we are assured God gave us the guardian angels in our lives here on earth. “Pray to God and your guardian angel to protect our children. We are told we must listen to his voice, our protector and our shield”,!
The devil will always try to lead us astray. That’s why Jesus came to die for us. That’s why His Sacred Heart is full of love for us, to save us. That’s why God gave us Guardian Angels, he concluded.

Fr Lawrence added that we as humans always like to argue who is the greatest of all, always like and want to be first. He referred to the bible verses; Yet, Jesus said unless you change and become like these little ones, you will never enter the Kingdom of God( Matthew 18: 1-5, 10). Fr Lawrence said, that we need to change our hearts, our thinking, our lives to reflect that of Christ and listen to the voice of the Father, to enter God’s Kingdom. “We also need to transform the world, to bring about a better world in this life”.

During the Holy Hour, Fr Lawrence led the adoration, kneeling whole time beginning with the Evening Vespers, Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Prayer for the nation, Silent Meditation, Reflection on video clips on God’s Presence, and during Benediction.

The parishioners were then treated with dinner fellowship at 9.10pm, held in the Church’s undercover link.

Parishioners are cordially invited to join those participating in the First Friday (Every First Friday of the month) Mass and Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to come, to spent time with the Lord, as a community of believers, praying for our needs and those of the community and nation.

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