1 Christmas Party 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Recently the 1Christmas Party, held on parish level at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus attracted a large crowd of participants.

Poor Migrant children of the parish numbering some 140 including a few of their parents tucking along, a few SVP sponsored children and another 130 SHC/OLGH parish children came together in unity to celebrate Christmas with joy and goodwill.

Organized by the Parish Integral Human Development Ministry (PIHD), the 1Christmas Working Committee members ensured all goes smoothly, for the benefit of the children in particularly.

Parish priest, Fr Edwin Peter welcome all and gave an Opening address. He told the participants that Christ came to bring peace and we too, to bring Jesus Christ to others and know the real meaning of the celebration.

The indoor games were coordinated by the parish youths. Many children who won in the games walk away with attractive prizes. The youths who were present also belted out six Christmas carols in English and Tamil.

The Myanmar children also gave a presentation of three dance carol numbers, in their native tongue.All children were feted to a light lunch, cooked and prepared by the Sacred Heart Church kitchen team.

The highlight saw all children redeem for a gift each with vouchers, according to age groups and each children also received a small box of KFC.

Fr Edwin, on stage in Dewan Louis Guittat , the parish community hall, gave away some 75 bags of provisions to the mainly poor Myanmar families.

A Clown and a Santa Claus also made a brief appearances to bring additional cheers to the kids , with a clown show and giving out sweets by Santa.

The PIHD thanked all donors who had given by cash and in kind, that had assisted in making this joyous event a great success, that brought greater understanding and goodwill among the locals and the migrants.

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