Holy Innocent 2015

KUALA LUMPUR:- At the celebration of the feast of the Holy Innocent at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,where some 130 came for the special evening Mass on December 28, 2015, celebrated by Fr Gerard Theraviam.(Image)

Fr Gerard who is the Rector of College- General in Penang was surprise not many came today. But expressed his happiness to see those present for this important feast.He said that the Church acknowledged that children are important.

This feast of Holy Innocent relates to the time after Christ Birth where King Herod ordered the killing or massacre of all little boys including infants , two years old and below in Bethlehem and its surrounding areas, within two years after the Star of Bethlehem led the three wise men to adore the Saviour of the Lord. Herod wanted to kill the Infant Jesus.

Fr Gerard added that Herod is unaware that Mary and Joseph had taken Jesus into Egypt, to escape the killing. They became refugees there for a while, until the dead of Herod.

“Today we recall these innocent children martyred. They are honoured by the Church as Holy Innocents. We also today, recall and pray for all the children innocently killed and those aborted”.

Among those present at the Eucharist celebration were close to 30 children, including a few infant babies. Fr Gerard was glad to see the parents tucking along their children. He said it is the responsibility of parents to bring up their little children in the faith and to bring them to Church regularly. He also pray that all the children will be blessed by the Lord in wisdom and understanding and will grow up to be useful citizens and Christians.

The parish children also coordinated the Mass.

After Mass, all the children came forward to the front of the sanctuary for a blessing by Fr Gerard with Holy Water being sprinklered. He gave each child a piece of chocolate and a personal blessing.

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