BECs Reach Out With Love To Mothers In Kampung Pandan

KAMPUNG PANDAN:– The Catholic Church celebrates Mother’s Day in the Month of May dedicated to Mother Mary. Universally, other communities also celebrates Mother’s Day, where some countries do it on a grandeur scale. The usual sending of gifts or presents with some offering bouquet of roses or flowers, cakes and cash to our mothers. Others have special dinner to grace the occasion. It is a day when we show our love and gratitude for our mothers.

For many, Mother’s Day is a day we give special thanks and appreciation to all our mothers for their care, dedication and love showered upon us, from the time of our existence, be it our biological mother who gave birth to us into the world, or adoptive parents, not forgetting our grandmothers and aunties. To those who lost their mothers, they offered up prayers for their departed souls. Many of the faithful also gave thanks to Mother Mary, for her intercessions and prayers, care and mercy.

At the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health in Kampung Pandan, this year Mother’s Day was unique. Priest-in -Residence, Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam has galvanized the idea of reaching out to mothers in the chapel’s neighbourhood. Many of us have never even though of reaching out to mothers in the surrounding area which we live. The idea was to give all mothers a simple gift of appreciation of their dedication to motherhood.

The Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) members and youths of this chapel in Kampong Pandan grouped together with the encouragement of Archbishop Emeritus Pakiam, walked to the homes to reach out to all the mothers in the area.

The retired prelate main aim was to encourage inter-religious dialogue among the various faith communities living in this area.

The BECs members and youths had earlier on prepared gifts such like sweets and flowers as token of appreciation, to be given to all mothers that they are going to meet from house to house. The three BECs that were involved in this effort were St Clare, St Bridgette and St Joachim.

The members and youths experienced various kind of emotions when they approached the different homes. Some of them were happy to welcome them, some were filled with joy, some expressed their heartfelt gratitude and somegave us the suspicious look, as this is the very first time the BECs and youths undertaking such project. Above all, the joy that filled the BEC members and youths when many blessed them with words like and “God bless you” and “Moga Tuhan rahmatimu selalu”.

One of the youths, Jacintha Pauline John said reaching out doesn’t only mean to those who are in need, but it is simple actions like this that puts a smile on
someone’s face. After all, love begins at home and home includes our surroundings.

This little project has definitely touched the hearts and enlightened the BEC members, in particularly the youths. It has also deepened the understanding and in a way strengthening the relationship with other adherents of different religions living in the vicinity of the chapel’s area.

Parish priest, Fr Edwin Peter together with Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam carrying out their responsibilities in promoting Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue not just at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health, Kampung Pandan, but for the entire parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – stretching from Ampang to Cheras to Bandar Sri Permaisuri.

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