Legion Of Mary

CHERAS: The Legion of Mary (LOM) Praesidium of Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health (OLGH) celebrated its 1st anniversary on July 9, 2016 with the Little Sisters of the Poor in St Francis Xavier Home for the Elderly in Cheras. The residents of the home were present including Archbishop Emeritus Anthony Soter Fernandez and Fr A.Amalanathan.

Sr Theresa,LSP was on hand to welcome the LOM members who brought along twenty Standard 3 Catechism students, accompanied with their two teachers Maria and Josephine, from the parish of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SHC). They first stopped at the chapel for a moment of silence in prayer.

Sr Theresa gave a speech and welcome the guests then gathered in the hall. Also present were Sr Agnes and Sr Margaret Anne. There are 12 Sisters including sick/aged with 64 residents currently, with a few more coming in. All students shortly went round shaking hands and wishing those residents of the home present in the hall, thus putting some smile on their faces as they met the children. Ashton Anthony of LOM (OLGH) gave a speech on their activities and what they do since their inception past one year.

The LOM members join with Archbishop Emeritus Soter and students and residents in singing the anniversary song, before the anniversary cake was cut, marking the milestone of their first year of existance in OLGH, Kg Pandan.

Annie Pereira of LOM (OLGH) said Fr Edwin Peter who is the Parish Priest of SHC and Administrator of OLGH was the instrument in initiating the formation of LOM (English) at the Chapel. There is also LOM (Mandarin) long existed in SHC.

The students partake in singing ‘God Is Love’, to entertain the residents, is to re-emphasize to them that God loves all of them. Tea was served to all. The students serve the meals to the residents.Their encounter with the elderly and the infirm at the home, taught the students to be more merciful and caring.

Next all assembled in the chapel, where Archbishop Emeritus Soter led in a prayer and spend some quality time with the students to catechize them about the faith. The retired prelate touched on the various icons in the chapel, Holy Water, Prayer and led them into praying the Our Father and Hail Mary, at the end of a 20 minutes session. Archbishop Emeritus Soter told the students to take back a sweet each to be given to a poor child or neighbour when they go back home. He told the students to share their meal with the poor and encouraged the students to do works of mercy.

Whereas Sr Theresa who gathered the students at the lobby of the home, enlighten them (who will be receiving their First Holy Communion later this year) about her religious congregation, how it started in France and what they do and about St Jeanne Jugan, the Foundress of LSP. Sr Theresa also show photos to the students what the residents do while living in the home. She also reminded the students to pray daily and emphasize the need to thank God at the end of each day for all His blessings showered upon them. Sr Theresa also shared to the students what they could do in the Year of Mercy, touching about the Corporal works of mercy, as well as Spiritual works.

The Little Sister of the Poor nun then took the students, teachers and LOM members for a tour around the home.It was an eye opening especially for the students to encounter the elderly, especially those of whom are in wheel-chair or bed-ridden. They also met Msgr Anthony Thomas (a former parish priest of SHC).

Before departing back to SHC, the students and teachers with the LOM members joined the residents in the chapel for Rosary. In their half day field trip that was intriguing and meaningful visiting the St Francis Xavier Home for the Elderly, the students also took a stroll in the vast grounds of the home to enjoy the beauty of the greenary and to unwind. They ended up feasting on some rambutans, courtesy of the Sisters.

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