Bible Sunday

KUALA LUMPUR:– All parishes celebrated Bible Sunday on July 10.At the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, at the Sunset Mass, Fr Gerard Theraviam who is the Rector of College General in Penang celebrated the Bible Sunday Mass.

The Church was packed. He said as we celebrate Bible Sunday it is good to note Readings today referring to the voice of God. In the First Reading (Dt 30:10-14) “…you shall turn to the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul…God’s Word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart,put it into practice”.
Fr Gerard also said the Word is very near to you. But wondering if the Word is near to our hearts?

He also added that when he goes visiting Catholic homes, he will see Bibles are open in some homes and will put his finger to see if there is dust on the opened pages. Fr Gerard said it is of no point if we put a Bible there but not reading it. It’s like decoration only. We need to take our Bibles and read the Word of God daily; but more importantly , to live the Word of God.

Touching on the Gospel text (Lk 10:25-37) today, Fr Gerard said the young man (teacher of the law) asked Jesus what must I do to obtain eternal life. The young man cleverly said to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind; and love your neighbour with as yourself. Jesus answered him. Yes. “But do we live it?”- asked Fr Gerard to the assembly.

Fr Gerard reiterated that the Word of God must move our feet and hands to do God’s will. The young man (teacher of the law) trying to out do by being smart than Jesus, he who knows the Word of God but not living it. (That is why Jesus told him go and do the same ie. like the Samaritan who has mercy on the man (neighbour) who was injured in the hands of robbers).

What is important, said Fr Gerard is God said what I want is mercy, not sacrifice. The Samaritan recognize God to be served through neighbour.

” If we know about how to worship and Word of God which is good; but we must also love God and neighbour. Like the Cross-Vertical point and horizontal point. Love God (vertical) and love our neighbour ( horizontal) as yourself “, Fr Gerard further elaborated.

However some of us sometimes we care too much of neighbours that we tend to forget ourselves. Mainly our spiritual needs. To live our life not by individual, but to completely give self to God , to neighbour and to myself. We need to know how to strive a balance, then we can say we are living the Christian life that God calls me.

Fr Gerard said we are called to be mirror of God likeness, as we are created in His image. Use our intelligent as needed, but use our hearts to love and express it by our hands, feet , mouth and lips to serve and love our neighbours and living out the Word of God.

In conclusion, Fr Gerard said not only hear the Word of God or read it only; but to love the Word of God and put it into practice in our lives- serving neighbours in action.

Earlier on, Fr Gerard gave a session on ‘Parables of Mercy’ to some 60 odd parishioners, facilitated in English in Bangunan Dominic Vendargon. He also continue with another session on July 10 in the morning. There was also a similar session in Tamil held at the chapel in Kg Pandan, by a layman.