Proclaiming God’s Mercy To All

KAMPUNG PANDAN:The nine day Novena and Mass in celebrating this year feast of Our Lady of Good Health in Kg Pandan kicked starts today, Friday, Sept 2, 2016, with the hoisting of flag of Our Lady of Good Health at 7pm.

Bishop Emeritus Antony Selvanayagam from Penang Diocese together with a senior parishioner with some assistance from Chapel’s Administrator Fr Edwin Peter, hoisted the flag, after Fr John Bosco from India, said the prayers and blessed the flag with holy water. Together witnessing the brief ceremony were Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam and Fr Clarence Devadass.

Held in the Chapel’s ground, beside the bell tower, some 500 parishioners including those coming from other parishes also witnessed the flag raising ceremony, dedicated to the Blessed Mother Mary.

After the flag was hoisted, all then adjourned into the chapel where Rosary and Novena to Our Lady of Good Health were prayed at around 7.15pm. Another 150 faithful came at 7.30pm and were seated in the chapel’s grounds, as the chapel’s 500 seating capacity was earlier filled up.

Fr John Bosco presided over the Mass that was celebrated in English/Tamil; with the sub-theme ” Proclaiming The Mercy Of God”. Con- celebrants were Fr Edwin, Archbishop Emeritus Pakiam, Bishop Emeritus Selva and Fr Clarence.

It was a joyful moment for the local parishioners of this chapel to see five bishops/priests joining them on Day 1 of the feast.

Fr John in his homily preached in both Tamil and English said God is full of mercy and love and compassion. If we want to know His mercy better, we need to know Him closer. Fr John added that God’s love is unconditional love, for us.

Fr John who will be preaching for this year feast at this thriving chapel also shared about a true story of how to be merciful and proclaiming the mercy of God to others.

He also said in the Gospel it clear tells how God fulfill His mission. Jesus not only proclaim His Father’s mercy but leads others to it. Jesus shows mercy and He Himself is merciful. He was filled with compassion with those in pain or suffering; and identify or reveals Himself to the poor and hungry. Jesus prayed for those who have brought Him to the Cross, and forgives them.

Fr John re-emphasized that no one is excluded from God’s mercy and in God’s Kingdom. Jesus reveals God’s love and salvation to all.

Then making reference to the parable of the Good Samaritan, (Luke 10: 25-37), that Gospel that was proclaimed earlier, Fr John elaborated stating that both the priest and Levite came and passed by the road the other side to avoid the injured traveller who was earlier beaten up by thugs and left half death. It was the Samaritan who came, saw and help the injured man. Who is my neighbour?.Jesus answered the man who asked to go and do likewise, like the Samaritan- who represents the magnitude of love that a God- fearing individual should show towards his neighbour.

Fr John then also quoted Pope Francis who had said to us all Christians -not to be tired of doing good and to be merciful to all.

As we celebrate our parish feast, let the celebrations reminds us to be merciful, just as the Father is merciful and proclaiming God’s mercy to all.

After Mass ended at 8.45pm, Fr Edwin took the opportunity to thanked Fr John Bosco for celebrating the Mass and Bishop Emeritus Selva for joining the locals here. He also introduced Archbishop Emeritus Pakiam and Fr Clarence to the assembly. Thanking all those coming today, from far and near, numbering some 650.

Since it is First Friday, the Holy Hour then commenced at 8.50pm and ended by 9.35pm. Beside praying the Evening Vespers; Silence Adoration , the Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus were included, followed with Benediction by Fr John.

Many stayed back for the light fellowship meal held in the chapel’s car-park area.

The existing grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health was lighted up and many were seen making their personal prayers there asking Mary to intercedes for them , especially for good health.

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