Show God’s Mercy & Love To Others

KAMPUNG PANDAN:-The feast day celebrations continues at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health in Kg Pandan, on Sept 6. The fifth day of the patron feast of Our Lady of Good Health, with the sub-theme “Mary As An Act Of Love.

Some 500 faithful came in force half an hour early for the Rosary and Novena, before Mass starts, at 7.30pm.

Fr John Bosco from India continues his preaching. He presided at the bi-lingual Mass with Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health Administrator, Fr Edwin Peter and Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam as con-celebrants.

In his homily preached in Tamil and English, Fr John shared about a true story of Mother Teresa long ago who visited a home where an elderly man stay alone with no proper upkeep and no light was switched on. She asked him why you don’t switch on the lights?. His reply was somehow straight forward. He said switch on for whom as no one came to visit him. After some time Mother Teresa send someone there to clean up the home and switch on the lights. The message Fr John trying to convey to the assembly is to do acts of love to others, like on this scenario is to reach out and show mercy of God to the lonely, like what Mother Teresa did.

Fr John continued saying Mother Teresa (now St Teresa of Calcutta) did great works during her earthly life in caring for the poorest of the poor and those homeless and lonely. St Teresa did said our vocation is to belong to God.

Today we are reminded to do like what St Teresa did,namely works of charity and acts of love and to show God’s mercy to the poor, sick, orphans and downtrodden.

The visiting Indian priest also told the assembly that we need to listen to Jesus’ heart; but also listen to Him what we should do. Pray to the Master of the harvest, asking Him to send more labourers in His fields; and to recognize the love of God, especially so, in our own family.

Talking about the Gospel Reading today, taken from Luke 15: 11-32, about the Parable of the Prodigal Son or also known as The Parable of the Lost Son. Fr John gave a summary of what transpired between both the elder and younger sons and their encounter with their father. Fr John said a better name for this story could have been ‘ A Parable of A Merciful Father’, he equipped.

Elaborating further, Fr John stated the younger son took his share of the estate (property) and left home but indulged in sinful nature and lost all, in his life and came to his senses and repented; wanting to return home. The father received him with compassion and forgiveness and rejoices and hold a feast to celebrate his son return. Fr John said we too need to know how our Father in heaven will forgive us our sins, only if we turn back to Him with a contrite heart.

Further, Fr John told the assembly; just as the father goes out to embrace the prodigal son and bring him home, the father told his eldest son not to be angry with his younger brother. Because he is always with him and everything the father has belongs to him. The father, quoted Fr John, is full of mercy and compassion for both.

The message to us from this Parable of the Prodigal son is to always be merciful and kind towards others. Just like Mary did and St Teresa did. Fr John invited the assembly to always seek God’s mercy and seek His forgiveness and then translate that into loving people around us.

After Mass, Fr Edwin said shortly there will be a food counter specifically open for the Special Needs persons. He also commanded all the BECs and Ministries of the parish that are involved in the feast day co-ordinating/ preparations, stretching 10 days.

Later all adjourned to the Chapel’s grounds for fellowship whilst tucking in their dinner.