Fr Mari Arokiam Celebrates His 24th Sacerdotal Anniversary

KAMPUNG PANDAN:-Diocesan Priest, Fr Mari Arokiam presided at the 10.30am Mass and preached the homily on September 8, 2016 in Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health. The con-celebrants were Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam, Chancellor of Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese, Fr Joseph Pereira and Chapel’s Administrator, Fr Edwin Peter . Some 400 faithful came, despite being a working day for most of them. Among them were Legionaries coming from other parishes. Novena preceded the Mass at 10am. The participants for the recitation of the five decades of the Rosary are parishioners from St Thomas More (SJ) and St John (KL).

Sept 8 was the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, an importance feast to many. Although not a day of obligation, many parishes celebrated this feast with Mass and cake cutting to commemorate and celebrate the Birth of Mary. Fr Mari’s homily focuses on the Blessed Virgin Mary and the sub-theme of the Chapel’s feast “Mary, Our Mother of Mercy”.

The Mass was coordinated by the parish Legion of Mary (LOM), which comprising of majority youths, which also led in the Novena. The Presentation of the Gifts, the President Regia, Michael Anthony and his wife brought up the Bread and Wine to Fr Mari. After Mass, rockbuns and bookmarks were distributed, compliments form LOM.

Fr Mari also marks his 24th Sacerdotal anniversary on Sept 8. He was originally from Kg Pandan – born and breed here, and it brings back memories for him to be able to celebrate the Mass here, in the chapel he was ordained.

Fr Mari is currently the Residence Priest at the Church of the Assumption in Petaling Jaya