Communicants Told To Take Care Of Their Spiritual Life

KUALA LUMPUR:-Forty two Communicants received their First Holy Communion at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on November 5, 2016 at the 6pm Sunset Mass.

Parish priest, Fr Edwin Peter administered the Holy Eucharist, both species to the children who were dressed in their best white attired for the special Sacrament.


Fr Edwin told the children it is a special day for them as now onward, during Communion they can receive the Bread of Life who nourishes not just our body, but especially our spiritual life. “The real presence of Jesus that you will be receiving in this First Holy communion this evening”, Fr Edwin equipped.

The Three Readings spoke about the Bread that came down from heaven that gave life. Jesus is the Bread of Life.

Fr Edwin in his homily addressed to the Communicants which are aged 9 years old. He said that they will receive the Holy Eucharist in both the Body and Blood of Christ, when they received in the form of both the species of Bread and Wine, after consecration.


Fr Edwin told the Communicants that if they don’t eat they cannot grow physically. If they don’t study they will not be smart. If they don’t exercise their body and mind will be weak and not fit. The same with our faith; we not only need to pray daily or fervently, but we need spiritual food from heaven that is the Holy Eucharist to feed us spiritually. God given us His Spirit in us, therefore we need to take care of our spirit and soul to ensure our spiritual life is strong, deepen and active.

Fr Edwin also reiterated to the Communicants’ parents to be good examples to their children, not only tell them what is good but be good examples to them.

He also thanked all the godparents and teachers for transmitting the faith, teaching and guiding the Communicants till to today to receive the sacrament.

The Prayer of the Faithful also have intentions slotted for the Communicants that their faith will grow with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church. Fr Edwin also urged godparents to continue nurturing the children in the faith.

More than 1,000 faithful came for the multi-lingual Mass. The Communicants also came forward to sing and led the assembly to the Hymn “You Raised Me Up”- facing the sanctuary., after the Thanksgiving hymn.

After Mass at 7.40pm, the Communicants together with their parents, godparents, teachers and Fr Edwin were feted with a fellowship reception in Dewan Louis Guittat. The Communicants also received their certificates on stage from their teachers ( Catechists). it was a joyful day for all of the Communicants as they are excited to have received the Lord in Holy Communion.