Ash Wednesday 2017

Kuala Lumpur:-At the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Jalan Peel, Ash Wednesday this year drew a bigger crowd, at the evening Mass at 7pm.Some 1,400 faithful were present, despite being a working day. At the Morning Mass, a good crowd also came.Fr Edwin Peter who is the parish priest celebrated the 7pm Multi-lingual Mass with a visiting Indian priest as con-celebrant.

In his homily, Fr Edwin said we are now in Lent. The infamous question being asked. ‘What are you giving up for Lent?’ Fr Edwin added that our traditional Lenten observance were: Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.He gave several suggestions how we can carried these out in our daily life during Lent. He said we can spend more time in Church praying like the Way of the Cross and personal prayers.


As for Fasting, Fr Edwin said of difference forms; not just in food, but vices,like giving up vulgar messages, giving up smoking and drinking. Also cutting down in our eating habits like eating too much and etc.Touching on Almsgiving, the parish priest said we can give donations to the poor; make some sacrifices for Outreach to the poor or orphans and people who are sick. We could also give donation via Lenten offerings envelopes.

In ending, Fr Edwin said in fact the question should therefore be ‘What are you gaining for Lent?’. He believe we can gain, by our Lenten observance.The logo of the Lenten Campaign was also projected for all to view, where the theme was “Following the Way of Christ”. Fr Edwin said his parishioners will journey together throughout Lent. He said we are going to start a Soup Kitchen, that will be facilitated by the parish BEC zones on Sundays. He said several parishes have Soup Kitchen on weekdays, but we will start first on Sundays to reach out to the poor and migrants working and living around the parish areas or vicinity. Simple food like chapati and tosai or beehoon, for a start, will be distributed, to gauge the response.

Fr Edwin also said the Eagleswings Ministry from Church of St Joseph will be here on Sunday, March 5, to meet people with disabilities (after Mass) for an encounter, prayer and fellowship with them in the parish hall.He also encourage all to come for the Penitential Service, that will be held March 9 in the parish. Fr Edwin said although Door of Mercy has been closed, but ordinary door of mercy ie. Confessionals are open and invited all to come to be reconciled with God, to make preparations for Easter.

Fr Edwin also said the parish SSVP Blood Donation Drive is on Sunday, March 12. He urged parishioners to come forward and donate blood, for a good cause.The parish is also planning to have BEC Lenten Outreach, Catechism Students sacrifices, and Smoke Free Zone (within the parish compound).