Celebrating MOTHERS

Kampung Pandan:  Every 2nd Sunday of May, we celebrate the women who have made a tremendous impact on our lives. We celebrate them particularly on this day for just being that simple presence; for loving and nurturing us, for molding us into the person we are today, and for continuously inspiring us.

On 14th May, the youths of BECs St. Clare and St. Joachim from the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health, Kampung Pandan congregated to celebrate Mother’s Day. A group of 10 high-spirited young individuals gathered to distribute flowers to mothers regardless of race and religion, living around the neighborhood. Approximately 300 flowers were handed out to mothers in the community; some of whom were Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshi migrants. Taken by surprise, these mothers were touched and pleasantly moved by this kind gesture of our youths.

With Resident Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam emphasizing the need for unity, understanding and mutual respect among the diverse religious groups in Kampung Pandan, this simple endeavor by our youths is a positive step in reaching out to the community, and building bridges among our neighbors.

Article By: Jane Carol

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