Ascension Is Not An End But Beginning

KUALA LUMPUR:-The Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord was celebrated joyfully on May 25, 2017 at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There were two Masses held in the morning and evening. At the 7.30pm Mass, more than 700 parishioners came, despite of heavy rain earlier on.(Image)

Parish priest, Fr Edwin Peter celebrated the Masses. He said in the homily, today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, forty days after Easter. He also mentioned about Jesus suffering, death and resurrection and met His disciples and told them He will make them fisher of men. No longer the historical Jesus but the Risen Lord.(Image)

Fr Edwin elaborated that Jesus after His resurrection, He appeared to the apostles. On the road to Emmaus and at the upper room and appeared at the shores and told His disciples come and eat. His mission on earth is complete. Jesus was taken up and told His disciples, that He will be with them till the end of time.

Fr Edwin went on to say for three years Jesus was with them. He drink and ate with them and today no longer able to see Him in flesh. Like the feeling of lost of a loved one in a family. The person no longer there. But Jesus said I will not leave you orphan, nor abandon you. I will send you the Advocate, the Holy Spirit to teach you everything.

The diocesan priest mentioned until Pentecost, next nine days of Novena to the Holy Spirit. Some parishes are having Life In the Spirit Seminar (LSS). He said while the disciples wait for Pentecost, we too wait to experience new life in Jesus.

“Ascension is not an end to all those baptized, but beginning. We are called to be disciples of hope in the world. The heart of hope, hearts to be strengthen to have new life in the Church. We look forward to the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit”.

Fr Edwin reiterated that this time we need to yield to the Holy Spirit; to become people with a heart of flesh, of love and no more heart of stone. He said how?. He reply, we need to repent and seek conversion of our heart. Not just pray for grace, but yield and open our hearts to the Holy Spirit working in us.

Fr Edwin called on his parishioners to go and bring the mission of Jesus to everywhere: in our homes,in our schools, in our work places and in our society, making disciples of all the nations.

After the ‘Our Father’ prayer, Fr Edwin said constant conversion and constant repentance of our hearts are needed, so that it will yield to the Spirit and to empower us to go and do His mission.