World Communication Day 2017

World Communication Day 2017 was celebrated extensively at the Sacred Heart Church, Peel Road and Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health, Kampung Pandan. With the Media Ministry animating service at both churches on 27th May (sunset mass) and 28th May (evening mass), the role the media plays in disseminating information to the public, through its various forms, was brought to awareness.

The media plays an outstanding role in creating and shaping public opinion; acting as the watchdog, protecting public interest. The media is significant in communicating a message across an audience.

Donning their exclusively designed t-shirts with pride, 35 ‘Disciples of HOPE’ of the Media Ministry, from the different language groups, were seen interacting with fellow church-goers that weekend. These are the individuals who tirelessly offer their services in these areas: Projection, Sound System, Design, Website, Photography, Technical Maintenance and Editorial. Behind the scenes, a lot of effort is actually put into the preparation of mass or any church events, ensuring the smooth flow and relevance of materials used in communicating the message across to parishioners.
With the call to be ‘Disciples of HOPE’ etched in each one of us, the Media Ministry took a step further by designing the theme logo, and making HOPE button badges for sale, to generate funds for the church, and to cover cost for various expenditures of the ministry. We saw a group of aspiring media & communication members showcasing their activities at a booth – introducing parishioners to the church website, displaying designs and also short videos.

To reiterate what our Holy Father Pope Francis said in his 51st World Communication Day message: “By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be witnesses and ‘communicators’ of a new and redeemed humanity, even to the ends of the earth.” ( Acts1:7-8)

Article By:

Irene Lourdes

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