Be Honest, Be Transparent, Be Truthful (Day 2) Shj Feast

The feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus continued with Day 2 on the evening of June 22nd. The theme for the day was “Be Honest, Communicate”.  (Image)

Presided again by Fr. Vincent Thomas, with Fr. Edwin Peter as concelebrant, the former preached about transparency, illustrating the country’s current situation. We tend to focus on money, accounts, business, company, etc. when we bring up transparency, but we fail to focus on ourselves – are we being honest and transparent? Many of us tend to wear masks to hide ourselves, and are not transparent in our communications. Fr. Vincent continued to say that we wear masks because we cannot accept the truth or are hiding our true selves and cannot face God. Just like Adam and Eve who wore masks to hide from God because they have sinned against Him, by being disobedient.

Stressing again on being HONEST and TRANSPARENT, Fr. Vincent added that we must break free from our masks, letting our true-self shine through. He gave the example of an onion with layers that we peel, with the shine appearing later. We too need to peel off the mask layer by layer to be transparent and TRUTHFUL in our communication with others.

Mary, a Jewish girl was pregnant (with Child Jesus), she was a virgin; yet she was honest and communicated this truth to Joseph and her cousin Elizabeth, despite knowing of the problems she will face in the community. What about us today? What about our culture that has evolved over time? Today, many don’t see getting pregnant before marriage as a problem. We don’t feel wrong engaging in immoral sexual activities. This is how the world has changed and has influenced us. Touching on the influence of modern technology in our daily lives, Fr. Vincent added “We send Good Morning messages via WhatsApp to our friends. Yet, we hardly meet up face to face or sometimes don’t even wish them when we see them. We must find the time instead to get-together and communicate.”

After Mass, several children from Zone F (BECs) holding plate cards about today’s theme, came forward below the sanctuary, and together with the congregation, sang the hymn ‘Shine Jesus Shine’.
Fr. Edwin, in his speech later, informed that the parish is sending 56 students to the Malaysian Catholic Campus Students Day 2017 (MCCSD 2) in Penang where some 1,300 students from all over the country are attending. He requested the assembly to pray for them be future leaders and world-changers.

The parish priest also spoke about the Rev. Fr. Anthony Thomas Education Fund, a project started years ago, to help deserving poor students to achieve tertiary education, urging those in attendance to contribute.

For those wishing to contribute, a box is placed beside
the Sacred Heart of Jesus shrine, inside the Church

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