Be Obedient to God, Cooperate with others

Day 3 of the parish feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus continued with Fr. Vincent Thomas preaching at the evening Mass. With June 23rd being the actual Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the church was filled with God’s people, who made it a point to converge at the 57-year-old Church.

Parish priest, Fr. Edwin Peter concelebrate Mass, with Fr. Vincent presiding. The theme of the day was ‘Be Obedient, Cooperate’. (For the record, Obedience is a related term of Obedient. As an adjective, obedient is the willingness to comply with orders, or those in authority. Whereas as a noun, Obedience is the quality of being obedient).

Fr. Vincent, in his homily, spoke about the need to be obedient. He shared about his journey and experience in the seminary where Fr. Edwin was his mentor, and how obedience came into play. The same with priests to their Bishop; they obey to ensure the smooth running of the archdiocese, to carry out the will of God. Fr. Vincent reiterated that we must first, be obedient to God, then to others; especially to our superiors or leaders.

As for Cooperate; the diocesan priest emphasized the need for all laity, especially those involved in the parish ministries and BECs to cooperate with each other. Each individual has different God-given talents or gifts. He called for us to tap our potentials and utilize them all by cooperating with each other, to build up the ministries or BECs, for the good of the parish.

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