Mary, Selfless and Godly

The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of Assumption of Mary into Heaven every 15th August. Two Masses were held at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jalan Peel. The Virgin Mary, having completed her earthly life, is assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.

In his homily, Fr. Edwin Peter spoke briefly about the universe, touching on the Milky Way (the galaxy that contains our Solar System), and brought up the question of where is the sun and earth. “We wonder where is the center of the universe. There are many centers of the universe, because all of us think we are the center; all revolving around us” he went on to say. Fr. Edwin continued, “Just imagine if we all claim to be the center of the universe? You and I are not the center. Life still goes on without us in it. The world is not going to stop for us.”

“Today we are reminded of Mary. At a young age, Mary became the mother of our Lord Jesus. She did not focus on herself, but on God. Today’s Gospel reading speaks about Mary rushing to visit her cousin Elizabeth who was with child. Excited for her. Mary proclaimed the Magnificat. She was not drawing attention to herself, but rather always praising God, being thankful to Him. Everything was about God. She even referred to herself as Blessed not for herself, but because of who she was bearing, namely Jesus Christ.”

Fr. Edwin also made reference to a recent youth dynamic, where we share about dreams, about giving and not so much about receiving. He said, “Dream reaching out to children who are sick. dream to be able to do that: to bring joy to these children who are terminally ill. Share the joy of giving.”

On this Feast of the Assumption, we thank God for Mary and to be able to sing her Magnificat. Let us pray for the joy of giving and sharing, and reflect on the good things God has done in our lives.