What We Choose On Earth Will Determine Where We Go

KUALA LUMPUR:-Archbishop Julian Leow said welcome to this celebration of the Solemnity of All Saints. The Church triumphant and ask all the saints in heaven to pray for us here on earth, to journey towards heaven and that we be like the saints, in our lives.

The Kuala Lumpur Archbishop said this at the 7.30pm Mass on November 1, 2017 at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Close to 900 parishioners were present. Parish priest Fr Edwin Peter con-celebrate the multi-lingual Mass, which was presided by the prelate.

The Gospel about the Beatitudes (Matthew 5: 1-12) was proclaimed by Fr Edwin.

In his homily preached in Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin, Archbishop Leow asked the assembly, “What is this Solemnity today?. What’s the Church purpose of giving us this All Saints feast?”. The prelate responded; so that we all can become saints for God. So that we will know where is our permanent (eternity) home, that is in heaven, our destination; and not the world. He added that many can only live here say 70 years or so. (Recently Tan Sri Lim passed away at aged 101 years-old).

“Where we are going, depends on our choices. We can change our life, we can change our conduct for the better while we are alive. However, once we breath our last, we cannot change our choice”.

The prelate added that the Beatitudes in the Gospel, we need to follow. Despite we go through many challenges in life, we must follow Jesus and keep the Commandments and observed Church laws, to be able to live with God in heaven. We must choose the right, be holy and best choice that will ensure us that we will end up with Jesus in heaven. “What we choose while on earth will determine where we go; either to heaven or hell or Purgatory, where we undergo cleansing”.

Today we celebrate the Church in heaven, the saints. Tomorrow, November 2 (All Souls’ Day) we remember the souls in Purgatory and pray for them. The prelate added if in hell no point praying for them as they are far away from God. Tomorrow All Souls’ Day, we will pray for the souls in Purgatory that they will undergo process of cleansing.

At the Church on earth, we must pray for those souls in Purgatory; and those in the world that they will change their ways and be saved as well.

After Mass, Fr Edwin thanked the prelate for coming today to celebrate the Mass. Archbishop Julian Leow with Fr Edwin Peter at the Entrance Procession

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