Be Kind & Considerate To Those With Hearing and Speech Impairments

KUALA LUMPUR:- Parish priest, Fr Edwin Peter celebrated the evening Mass on February 9, 2018 at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Assisting him was Deacon Simon Lau, who proclaimed the Gospel (Mark 7:31-37)- Jesus heals a deaf and a mute man.

In his homily, Fr Edwin said Ephphatha! has been spoken at infant baptism. After pouring of water on head and anointing with chrism; and mentioned of white garment and lighted candle. The priest blesses the mouth and ears of the child. Ephphatha (which means “Be opened!”)- to listen to His words and speak His words.

Some of our parents would have shared Bible stories with us or heard word of God proclaimed to us by our catechists; or attended Bible studies.

Today to remember this scripture text, not hear just at the Mass; but to share the word of God. “Bible Sunday not just speaking but listening and to obey the word of God; and speak to someone who hasn’t heard the word of God so that they can encounter with the Lord”.

Our ears, not just to us to hear all sounds; but rather hear constantly the word of God. Today, we are invited to speak not just with words but write what’s true. Listening with our eyes when we read text, whether in book or on the computer,smartphone, newspapers, etc. To hear the right things, not called to hear wrong things – bad word or harsh words. When we speak also avoid using bad or harsh words.Don’t gossip about people. Don’t speak about a third person, but about yourself; as most of the time, it might not be true. Never gossip. When you communicate the Gospel; make it a point to speak the truth. When you heard something untrue or fake news, need to identify what is untrue.Our ear and heart and mouth must be attuned to the truth.

However if you hear something wrong or see something wrong being done, don’t just keep quite but speak up.It is also another level, though there is pressure or fear. Otherwise the prayer said at our baptism will remain just words.

Many have gifts of hearing and speaking but some don’t have. They being hearing or speech impairments. Maybe due to work accident, etc. If someone has a hearing aid in ear, we shouldn’t speak harsh words as it hurts that person. Whether in Church, when someone sing or speak ‘differently’, we make fun or we being harsh to them. Be kind and considerate to those who have speech impairment and hearing impairment.

Fr Edwin also invited the assembly to pray for all families to have grace,for all to speak the right things in their families, whether its spouse or children relationships. We need to listen too.

After the homily, there was an installations of 5 new Extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion from the BEC, by Fr Edwin. They are also required to serve the home-bound.