Stop The Wastage Of Food

KUALA LUMPUR:During the Season of Lent, at the Friday evening Mass on February 16, 2018, Fr Edwin Peter said in his homily to some 400 parishioners that the Gospel Reading today (Matthew 9: 14-15) (Jesus Questioned About Fasting) is appropriate as we celebrate Lent.

The parish priest of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus said today also marked the Chinese New Year, for those who celebrate or visit their Chinese friends, are forgo to abstinence from meat.

Fr Edwin mentioned that wondering how much food that will be wasted during Chinese New Year or Ponggal and even Christmas celebrations (that are not consumed). Wonder how much food wasted in private or public hospitals, when we bring own food for the patients; where hospital also provides;meaning food is double.

The diocesan priest said instead of talking about fasting, we should ponder how much food is actually wasted. Fr Edwin provided the figure, that is 1.3 billion tonnages of food wasted yearly (worldwide) or USD680billion worth of food lost or wasted (not consumed).

Fr Edwin clarified on how food is loss: at point of harvest or production and in transportation or storage, some food goes to lost.

“In developed countries, more food are wasted at the chains (like restaurants, eateries, etc).

Fr Edwin expounded that the wasting of food is not just in storage, hospitals or in industrial; but also in our homes. When we waste food, it can be different reasons. He quoted presentation of food is when we see it is not good, we don’t eat, thus wastage when it is throw away.

The parish priest touched about the Gospel that we should be fasting, a hunger for God.

When we waste food, what happened? Not only wastage of food but lost of resources that had been put into production of that food. The lost or wasted of resources;like water, electricity,fertilizer, manpower,etc.

“Pope Francis said food wasted is food stolen from the poor”. So many people doesn’t have enough or are without food. If we do not eat so much, we can give saved money to soup kitchen; we can share.

Question not so much about fasting, but rather on how we waste food. Fr Edwin invited all to pray and reflect. He request the faithful not to waste food in our homes or while eating outside. We have enough food in our bodies and eat without exercise. If you waste food, you waste God’s creation. He reiterated no to food wastage.