Holy Week begins…

“Welcome to Jerusalem. Finally, we reach the City with Jesus. Many people follow Jesus to Jerusalem. How many know the purpose and mission of Jesus? How many people foresee the will of God? Are we following Jesus according to the will of God?”

Deacon Simon Lau said this in his homily at the Palm Sunday celebration during Sunset Mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The diocesan Deacon added that there were two parts of the liturgy celebration; the first part is held outside, where Jesus begin His journey going into the Holy City. The second part of the liturgy (held inside) is where the Reading speaks about the Passion of Christ.

When following the procession, Deacon Lau shared about his reflection – How people welcomed Jesus, and those same people whom He loved, later put Him on the Cross. Deacon Lau posed the question, “What kind of pain did Jesus suffer on the Cross? Although He suffered in pain, He looked down and saw the people whom He loved so much; who rejected and betrayed Him. This was most painful for Jesus to bear in His Heart.”

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, which represents Christ’s love, tenderness and mercy for all of mankind, depicts Jesus’ Heart surrounded by thorns. The thorns represent Christ’s suffering, especially the crown of thorns He wore during the Passion. Jesus felt great pain and humiliation for each one of us. Yet many of us, said Deacon Lau, do not really know the will of God, even His disciples did not quite understand.

“We are entering Holy City inside us, very challenging, with tensions and complications for humans“, added Deacon Lau. “What are we going to see? Holy Week is a week of love and mercy; the highest peak of the mercy of God; through His Passion, Death and Resurrection. Today we are given an insight into Good Friday. We need to prepare ourselves to receive God’s love and mercy; and open our eyes, ears and hearts to God’s mission for us.

Earlier the blessing of the palms took place in the church courtyard, where parish priest, Fr. Edwin Peter blessed palms held by over 700 faithful. After the Reading by Deacon Lau, and a brief narration by Fr. Edwin Peter, the assembly then walked one round, in solemn procession into the church, for the second part of the celebration.

After Mass, Fr. Edwin Peter invited all to kneel for a special prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the parish’ to be granted continued access using the road entrance from Jalan Peel, by the developer.

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