To Remain In His Love, As God’s Love

KUALA LUMPUR:– The Church marks the Sixth Sunday of Easter today. At the Sunset Mass on May 5, 2018, which also marks the conclusion of the 24 hour of Prayer and Fasting for the GE14. Fr Clarence Devadass who celebrate the said Mass welcomes all and said in his homily in a few days time we will be celebrating the Ascension of the Lord (May 10) and then Pentecost. (May 20). “As we approach the celebrations, we come to understand the Easter season comes to an end”.

Our Gospel today continues from last week and today key word keeps repeating over again; that is to remain (6 times last week’s Gospel and today Gospel 3 times ) in Him or to remain in His love. Jesus wants continuity we remain in Him. These words assured us God wants to sustained us in a relationship with us.

Fr Clarence added that more important for us to find ways how to remain in God’s love.Jesus asked His disciples some 2000 years ago and asking us today in the Gospel.

The diocesan priest said three ways: first is we required a prayerful relationship with God. St Teresa of Calcutta said prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at this disposition, and listening to His voice in the depths of our hearts.

The second, to remain in God’s love implies you do what is right in God’s love. Peter said God does not have favorites. Any nationality does what is right, what God wants of me, is acceptable to God. ”What I want maybe not what God wants. But we must do what God wants. The center of our life must be Jesus and our life revolves in Him.” We need to remain in Him.

Fr Clarence said the third way, he emphasized God’s new commandant to love one another, as I have loved you. He said this is not an appeal or exhortation but God’s commandment to love . John in his epistles said if anyone failed to love God, cannot say to know God. What does it meant to love one another as God has loved us?. It means breaking down the walls of animosity , of hatred and of divisions, etc.

To love is not an option, but is a duty that Jesus imposes on His disciples. No excuses for God’s love is the very soul of our life. Today if you and I want to remain in God’s love. We need to have a relationship rooted in prayer, doing what God wants of us, and learning to love one another as God expects of us.

”In seeking to do God’s will and to love one another”, Fr Clarence prays, that the assembly faithfully follow and remain in His love and go beyond the Easter season. 

Fr Clarence celebrated the Sunset Mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. After Mass, he also met and wish the faithful at the main entrance.