BECs collaborate for online Passion Play

KUALA LUMPUR: The Passion Play is a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering, and death. It is an integral part of Lent in Catholic tradition. As a yearly church event, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus organized a contemporary Way of The Cross to commemorate the Passion of Christ during this pandemic time.

The parish’s various BEC families collaborated to put up an online play depicting each station of the cross based on the real-time situation that many have come across during this pandemic. Produced by BECCOT, the Passion play was directed by Margaret Perry and the team while the dedicated Media Ministry did the required compilation and editing. Gabriel Puvan, the Pastoral Year seminarian, gave the reflections, while the choir of the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health provided the music and singing.

Through this session of the Untold Stories of our Golgotha, in each of the stations, many aspects of the challenges that people faced during this pandemic were shown – unemployment, loss of jobs, sudden deaths, loss of connection to family and loved ones, financial burdens and emotional exhaustion. At the end of each scenario, there were reflections given to meditate upon further.

The takeaway message from this play is that Jesus taught us through his Passion that love moves and governs all things. We know through the details of His sufferings the excess of His love. We hope that through this sharing of our everyday lives we have made our own passions well lived. After all, we have been brought out of the darkness to walk into the light.

This play premiered on the parish’s official YouTube channel @sacredheartkl on Friday, 2nd April 2021 @ 2 PM. The Passion Play and Pandemic – Untold Stories of Our Golgotha can be watched at