Priests called to live a life of humility just as Christ did.

KUALA LUMPUR: Archbishop Julian Leow celebrated the World Day of Prayer for Priests at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on June 11.

Archbishop Leow spoke about the devotion to the Sacred Heart which emphasizes the humility of Jesus; his heart of mercy and divinity. He invited the faithful to connect the life of Christ to the unprecedented time that we are facing now, especially during this pandemic, and to how we are called to response this time of grace which has been given to us, and in responding to give, embrace and pray for one another.

Priests must emanate humility and God’s love to the people in their ministry, just as Jesus did. He said it’s a call for the priests, during this time of restrictions and separation from the people, to reflect on a life of humility and mission to pray for unity. He also asked the priests and the faithful to reconnect with one another as this solemnity gives us guidance and the opportunity to heal our brokenness. With the confidence that the wounded heart of Jesus will heal us, he concluded that we are reminded to imitate this heart of Jesus.

Even with the current restrictive circumstances, the Mass was live-streamed to the parishioners and to many other online viewers via the parish Youtube site by the ministry of the parish and supported by the Archdiocesan Vocation Promotion Team. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was held before the mass.