Celebrating Mary, Our Mother of Hope.

KAMPUNG PANDAN: The Feast of Our Lady of Good Health was celebrated online for the second consecutive year at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health. The theme for this year’s celebration was Mary, Mother of Hope. On Sept 3, the first day of the celebration, the tradition boiling of ‘ponggal rice’ was held before the live streaming Mass as a sign of thanksgiving to Our Lady for all the answered prayers. Then Agnes Arokiasamy, from the St Vincent De Paul Society, Bro Gabriel Puvan and chapel administrator. Fr Edwin Peter raised Our Lady’s flag and prayed for Mary’s intercession for hope during these challenging times.

The Livestream began at 7 pm with the Rosary and novena to Our Lady of Good Health, followed by the Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Fr Edwin. He asked them to continue giving thanks to the Blessed Mother, keep seeking her intercession for all our petitions.

Fr Simon Lau, assistant parish priest of the Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus, in his homily emphasized hope and health to relate to the theme, Mary, Mother of Hope. He explained Hope from the context of Mary – which was her hope that she would be able to do what God wanted her to do, according to His plan. He called the viewers to reflect on how each time we pray, we are hopeful that our prayers will be answered. He also stressed that it is important for us to surrender ourselves to God and let His will decide the outcome.

Fr Lau also touched on health, not our physical health but our spiritual health. The faithful were encouraged to continue to pray for the recovery of many who are sick and dying, especially during this pandemic, and to be open to God’s plan in their lives.

On Sept 8, during the feast of The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a virtual visit to Grotto from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm was organized for parishioners. The pre-recorded Rosary was recited during this session. During the evening live streaming Mass, Rev Fr Sebastian Arputharaj OFM Cap from Tamil Nadu joined in to share his sermon on Hope of Mother Mary and her belief in God. He shared few Bible verses on how Mary surrendered herself as the servant of God. He explained how her whole life was a journey of faith; from the time she was conceived till the time she stood by the cross of Jesus, suffering together in Christ’s passion. Fr Sebastian also preached during the weekend live streaming Masses.

Other celebrants who joined the live streaming Mass were Archbishop Julian Leow, Fr Lawrence Andrew SJ, Fr Surain Durai Raj, and the newly ordained Deacon Michel Dass.

The online live stream drew many viewers to follow the novena from Day 1. The Rosary and novenas, led by each zone via the Google Meet platform, were supported by the Feast Liturgy Team and the Parish Media Ministry. The feast of Our Lady of Good Health concluded with the lowering of the Our Lady’s flag by Fr Surain and Edward Chelliah from the parish’s Street Shepherd Outrage (SSO) organization.