Farewell Appreciation Messages

Bidding Goodbye to Rev. Fr. Edwin Peter and Rev. Fr. Simon Lau Chee Kin

Just like how we have experienced the reshuffle of the priests in our Archdiocese in past, it is the time again where we got to bid farewell to our wonderful Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Edwin Peter, and Assistant Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Simon Lau Chee Kin. Fr. Edwin has come to our Parish to administer both the Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health in June 2015. Whereby Fr. Simon Lau joined to be the Assistant Parish Priest right after his ordination as a priest in June 2018. Both the priest has been Good Shepherd to our parishioners. They have worked closely with all the Parish ministries and guided all the Parish activities all throughout their service term in our parish. Their thoughts and ideas all through these years have brought this Parish development better in one way or another. All though many challenges we may have faced together during this period, our dearest priests who supported us through their prayers and advice would definitely make us miss them and remember them close to our hearts always. Thanking God for the gift of both of their faith-filled life and dedicated service. Well wishes to both as they move on to serve at their new parishes.

Click the following link to view the Farewell Video Clip of Fr. Edwin & Fr. Simon Lau