58th Sacerdotal Anniversary of The Most Rev. Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam

Sun, 15th May 2022, here at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health, Kg. Pandan held the celebration of The Most Rev. Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam’s 58th Sacerdotal Anniversary. It was with great joy, that Bishop Emeritus celebrated the Sunday evening’s multilingual Mass on this day, accompanied by the Parish priest, Msgr. Stanislaus Soosamariam and guest priest, Fr. Edwin Peter. The Mass was coordinated by the PMEIA.


Parishioners gathered together to celebrate this memorial event with Bishop Emeritus. Bishop Emeritus’s brother Dr. Joseph Aloysius and his family too joined in this celebration. During his speech at the end of the Mass, Bishop Emeritus Murphy explained how grateful he was being in his service to God all these years. He also extended his gratitude to everyone who attended this remarkable anniversary celebration. At the end of the Mass, a special cake cutting ceremony was held for Bishop Emeritus accompanied by his family, priests and parishioners. Many who attended that evening took the opportunity to take some photographs with Bishop Emeritus as a remembrance.