Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam Celebrates 58 Years as a Priest

KUALA LUMPUR:- Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam, aged 83 celebrated his 58th Sacerdotal Anniversary on May 15, 2022 with a Thanksgiving Mass with parishioners of Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health in Kampung Pandan, where he presently resides as Clergy- in- residence.

AE Pakiam presided at the Sunday evening Mass together with parish priest of Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Msgr Stanislaus Soosaimariam and Fr Edwin Peter, parish priest of Risen Christ Church, as con-celebrants.

The Mass was animated by the parish PMEIA Ministry led by its
Co-ordinator, Dr Florence John. A good number of the faithful were present including AE Pakiam’s younger brother, Dr Joseph Aloysius and family from Penang Diocese.

AE Pakiam was born in Tapah, Perak and was ordained into the priesthood on May 10, 1964. Having served in the Diocese of Penang in several parishes as diocesan priest including as Rector of College General for two terms; on April 1, 1995, he was appointed by the Pope as the Auxiliary Bishop of Kuala Lumpur.
On May 24, 2003, AE Pakiam was appointed the third metropolitan Archbishop of Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur and his installation took place five days later, on May 29, 2003. He served as Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur for 10.5 years, before the Pope accepted AE Pakiam’s resignation as archbishop upon his 75th birthday, on Dec 13, 2013, just 7 days after his actual birthday.

AE Pakiam is presently the longest serving priest, in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur.

Fr Edwin who preached at the homily, thanked God today as we also gathered here to celebrate the sacerdotal anniversary of AE Pakiam.

Fr Edwin shown a video slide about gratitude. How students are grateful to their teachers, as May 16 is Teachers’ Day. Fr Edwin also spoke about the importance of love on International Family Day, which falls on May 15. He said Jesus words in today’s Gospel
“I give you a new commandment : Love one another, just as I have loved you”.

“Greatest love is from the family. Love is not about receiving, but giving. Enrich your marriage as family being the school of love”, Fr Edwin accentuated.

“Today we also thank God for the gifts of love from, not just parents, but from the priesthood and AE Pakiam. Priests hands to administer the sacraments, to bless and to heal”.

Expressing Gratitude and priviledge
AE Pakiam in his speech, after Mass was filled with gratitude to God and said it is a priviledge in celebrating today’s Mass on the occasion of his 58 years in the priesthood, allow by the Good Lord, after being ordained 58 years ago to celebrate this thanksgiving with all of you in this beautiful chapel. The retired prelate added that it is a priviledge to serve you and noticed many of the faithful being present.

Those who came to thank God for the gift of AE Pakiam and to celebrate his sacerdotal anniversary and to continue praying for his wellbeing and for the Lord’s blessings upon him to continue serving the community.

AE Pakiam also said he is thankful for able to serve in this part of the country, first as auxiliary bishop and later as archbishop and now clergy-in residence.

“Thank all of you for supporting me in your prayers. A priviledge to be present here, greater priviledge to be a bishop and archbishop, celebrating in my priesthood”.

The retired prelate also expressed his appreciation to the present Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, His Grace Julian Leow for recognising and allowing him to continue working in the archdiocese and thanked him and all of you for giving him the priviledge in serving in this Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur.

AE Pakiam ended by saying many priests were ordained in this archdiocese and having pleasure to coming to know many of you here in following the Gospel of Christ.

Msgr Stanilaus, who is also the Administrator of this Chapel, on behalf of Fr Edwin who was your former parish priest; thanked all for coming in celebrating AE Pakiam 58th Sacredotal anniversary.

A short video about AE Pakiam’s 58th Sacerdotal Anniversary was shown to all present.

Later an anniversary cake was cut by AE Pakiam at the foyer of the chapel, flanked by his brother and family members and the two priests with parishioners singing ‘Happy Anniversary’. The beaming retired prelate then cut the cake steadily, before all shared a piece each.

The family of Eugene Stevan provided the cake.
Packed dinner were distributed by the family of Mdm Linda John Doss.

On another note, on May 10, 2022, Archbishop Leow together with several clergy joined AE Murphy in celebrating a special Mass at 11am in the same chapel.