Formation of Servant Leadership

Kuala Lumpur – Eighty parishioners of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus attended the Servant Leadership formation on March 4. The formation was organized by the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) as part of the Parish Pastoral Assembly (PPA) result.

Focused on Servanthood Leadership as the main objective, the participants were guided through 2 sessions, where Msgr Stanislaus gave a 2 hour’s explanation of Steward and Servant Leadership. He elaborated on the Characteristics of a leader using the Church’s greatest saints; St. Paul & St. Peter. Some of the characteristics of the saints which were discussed were humility, integrity, fearlessness, belief, and responsibility which then were explained further as a character that the leaders were called to carry through. Msgr Stan concluded his session with the Four Square problem-solving method technique which allows the participants to effectively attempt to overcome difficulties that faced in leadership.

The formation’s second session was conducted by Simon Samual, who is from the Parish RCIA ministry and also a trainer by profession talked about Servanthood Leadership. In his session, he illustrated 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. Guided by the laws written by John C. Maxwell, Simon emphasized each rule by relating it to the bible verses. The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership show that leadership is learned not inherited with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that one could become a leader too. Upon concluding the formation, the participants were formed in groups to discuss briefly on leadership challenges that they face. The parish leaders who attended the formation benefited from the talks and have a better reflection on their responsibilities in Church during this challenging time.