Promotion of Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life during the feast celebration at Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus, KL

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has begun its 9 days Novena and Mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Kuala Lumpur with the theme ‘Feed my Lambs’. The theme this year which is from John’s Gospel, chapter 21, verse 15, invites us to reflect and pray especially for Vocations. Begining from the Good Shepherd Sunday and Rosary month which was celebrated in the month of May 2023, the parish Vocation Ministry has began the preparation to pray for the intentions of priests by putting up the “Clergy Rosary Bouquet”. Each family/BEC/ parishioners were invited to take one sealed “Clergy Rosary Bouquet” card after Holy Mass to pray the rosary throughout the month of May 2023 for this intentions.

With the same intention to pray for our priests and for more vocations in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur especially, this years parish feast has been set to journey with the theme related to Jesus calling young people to feed His sheep, that is, to teach and care for his followers and to teach them when He was no longer with them. Jesus made sure that each one of His sheep or followers was loved and cared for. He asked His disciples who loved Him to do this…Feed my Lambs.

Looking back on the calling of vocations in our own parish and furthermore in our diocese, in the current situation and also projection for the future years to come, the Vocation Ministry collaborated with the parish Youth and Media Ministry has put up an exhibition on Promotion of Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life during this 9 days feast celebration. Come and join us in this promotion held at the church cover link to witness yourself the history behind the calling for vocations in our parish. Also to reflect on the vocations direction for the upcoming years and let’s pray together for the movements of Holy Spirit within our young people that they may be directed towards God’s Calling through the right path and channel. Come visit us at the church cover link today.