Senior Citizens were recognized in a special ceremony.

Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus hosted the Golden Petals Service Recognition Award ceremony on Sunday, 3rd March 2024 during the 9.30 am English Mass followed by fellowship for all senior citizens aged 60 years old and above in the Parish Hall.

This is the first time the Evergreen support group within the Family Life Ministry has initiated such a recognition award project supported by the Parish Priest, Msgr Stanislaus Soosamariam.

The criteria of recognition award contribution to recipients were based on voluntary service from the inception of the church until the year 2000 and those who are aged above 65 years old in 2024.

The church also paid tribute to the family members of the award recipients who had passed away or migrated overseas or to other parishes due to unforeseen circumstances.

The objective of the event is to recognize the parishioners who have contributed their remarkable services generously and zealously for the betterment of the parish since its inception.

25 recipients out of the final approved names turned up to receive the recognition award certificate presented by Msgr Stanislaus during the fellowship gathering in the hall