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Msgr Anthony Thomas (1937 - 2017)

A Priest Who Contributed His Whole Life Enormously TO BUILD-UP THE LOCAL CHURCH

KUALA LUMPUR:-Diocesan priest, Monsignor Anthony Thomas, aged 80, who was called to be with the Lord on September 24, 2017, has dedicated his whole life spanning some 52 years as a faithful, dedicated and humble priest in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur.

To Welcome,To Protect,To Promote And To Integrate The Migrants

KUALA LUMPUR:- The Malaysian Church celebrates the 101st World Day of Migrants and Refugees in the month of September.

This year's theme is "The Vulnerable & Voiceless Child Migrants".

At the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, over the weekend Masses of September 23 & 24, parish priest Fr Edwin Peter in his homily expounded on the message for Migrant Sunday of Pope Francis to his parishioners.

Follow Examples Of Mary- Day 9 Of Novena To Our Lady

KAMPUNG PANDAN:- The annual nine-day long feast of Our Lady of Good Health culminated on September 9, 2017 at the evening Mass, where some 1,700 faithful from far and near converged at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health (OLGH) for the solemn celebration, beginning at 5.30pm with the recitation of the Rosary and Novena prayers to Our Lady.

BE ENDURING, Those Who Are Sick- Day 8 Of Novena To Our Lady

KAMPUNG PANDAN:- The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary falls on September 8, today. The annual feast of Our Lady of Good Health which is celebrated on a grandiose scale at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health, here in Kampung Pandan, saw some 800 faithful from far and near converging for the evening Mass. The annual Chapel's feast usually celebrated on the same week as Mary's nativity feast.

2017 Merdeka & Hari Malaysia Message

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As Christians, we are called to be good people, for we have a shared humanity, with one another and with God himself in the person of Jesus Christ. It is this shared humanity that underpins our responsibility for the good of our neighbour, of society, and of the world. This is our Christian hope – that in being good people we will show that God is good because “God has no hands except ours” (St Teresa). So, it is that we must build bridges of peace, unity, and harmony between people of all races and religions.

Mary, Selfless and Godly

The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of Assumption of Mary into Heaven every 15th August. Two Masses were held at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jalan Peel. The Virgin Mary, having completed her earthly life, is assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.






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