Installation of Msgr Stanislaus As the Parish Priest

On Sunday, 3rd April 2022, Msgr Stanislaus Soosamariam was installed as the Parish Priest of the Church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health, Kuala Lumpur. The ceremony was presided by His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow during the weekend’s Sunday Mass at 9.30 am at Sacred Heart Church, Peel Road.

In the initial part of the ceremony, the handover of the church keys took place. Archbishop Julian handed the keys of the church to Msgr Stanislaus and read out the details of the act as a symbol of giving the responsibilities over the Century of God and of all the sacraments that take place here under the care of the newly assigned parish priest.

After the homely, Archbishop continued with the Installation of Msgr Stanislaus. Mr. Clement Ambrose on behalf of the Parish Council read out the Appointment Letter of Msgr Stan as Parish Priest of SHC and OLGH dated 10th Jan 2022 for the term of 6 years. During the installation, Msgr Stan renewed his priesthood vows. After the renewing of the vows, Msgr together with the congregation professed their Faith (Nicene Creed). Followed by then, Msgr Stan read his promises to take up his duties and responsibilities as the Parish Priest of this Church as appointed by the Bishop by laying his hand on The Book of Gospel.

The conclusion of the installation was the signing of the appointment letters by Msgr. Stan. AB Julian then commented Msgr Stanislaus to the congregation as the Parish Priest of Church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health. Many who were present at the Mass witnessed ceremony which is also an important event in the Parish.